Primary Care Networks for South Reading

The groups of GP practices forming the new Primary Care Networks have been announced and are shown below.

Primary Care Networks are groups of GP practices covering about 30,000 to 50,000 patients and working together to deliver a wider range of services than a smaller unit.

The networks for South Reading are as follows:

  1. Tilehurst - Westwood Road, Grovelands, Tilehurst Village and Chancellor House - clinical director Dr Karen Ireland, Grovelands practice
  2. Whitley - London Street, Milman and Kennet Surgery, Abbey Medical Centre, Reading Walk-in Centre, - clinical director Dr Bu Thava, Milman and Kennt Surgery
  3. Reading Central - Chatham Street, Russel Street, Pembroke, Melrose and Eldon Road, South Reading and Shinfield, Longbarn Lane- clinical director Dr Gerard D'Cruz, Pembroke Surgery
  4. University - University Medical Group - clinical director Dr Elizabeth Johnston

For North and West Reading we have:

  1. Caversham - Balmore Park, Emmer Green - clinical director Dr Andy Ciecierski, Emmer Green
  2. Reading West - WesternElms and Circuit Lane, Tilehurst(Potteries)- clinical director Dr Anil Chauhan, Western Elms and Circuit Lane