Discussion with CCG GP Lead, Dr Ishak Nadeem, SRPV Meeting of 22 June 2016

There will be a discussion about developments in primary care.

The set of questions posed as starters is:

  1. Where are we with the new workforce in GP surgeries?
  2. What will the new alliances of practices be doing differently?
  3. There are practices with closed lists in South Reading CCG area - will we have sufficient primary care capacity?
  4. Cancer wait targets are being missed at RBH. What are the effects of this? Can this be put right?
  5. What can be done about rising A&E attendances AND admissions?
  6. Can we do more for carers at GP surgeries?
  7. NHS England is proposing better incident reporting at GP surgeries. How will that work?
  8. How well are we doing as regards outcomes? (See attached document taken
    from the NHS Choices web site.)

There will also be reports from Patient Participation Groups and from recent healthcare planning and consultation meetings held in public. Patients registered with a GP practice in the South Reading CCG area are welcome to attend.

Agenda for SRPV Meeting of 22 June 2016 (PDF)28.13 KB
Minutes of SRPV Meeting of 22 June 2016 (PDF)55.24 KB
Some CCG area outcomes from NHS Choices website (PDF)478.69 KB
Wed, 2016-06-22 18:00
RCLC, 94 London Street, RG1 4SJ