AGM and AGE UK - SRPV Meeting 29th November 2017

South Reading Patient Voice will meet at 6pm on Wednesday, 29th November 2017 for an AGM and to hear a short talk from AGE UK Reading. We will also hear news from local Patient Participation Groups, Reading Healthwatch and concerning the local health system.

Agenda for SRPV Meeting of 29th November 2017 (PDF)28.15 KB
Minutes of SRPV Meeting of 29th November 2017 (PDF)53.06 KB
Treasurers Report for SRPV to November 2017 (PDF)26.15 KB
SRPV Annual Report to November 2017 (PDF)37.49 KB
Slides - AGE UK Reading Services (PPTX)4.93 MB
Wed, 2017-11-29 18:00
RCLC, 94, London Street, RG1 4SJ